Where is the complex located?

Vitan Residence is located near Mall Vitan, next to Mihai Bravu subway station and Splaiul Unirii, bordered by Motilor and Gradinari streets.

Which is the fastest route to Unirii Square?
We recommend to take the subway train from Mihai Bravu station; you will be in Unirii Square in 5 minutes, at the Opera in 10, and in 20 minutes you may admire the Triumphal Arch.

What is the area of the land where Vitan Residence is built?
The land is a 64,600 sqft rectangle.

Which are the access points?
Vitan Residence has two access points: from Motilor street and from Gradinari str.

How many parking spots/garages may I buy for an apartment?
One parking spot or garage is allowed (optionally) for each apartment.

What will be the invoice method for utilities?
Utilities will be invoiced individually (water, electricity, gas, TV cable/internet/land phone).

Who will ensure the complex maintenance?
A superintendent specialized company will ensure the complex maintenance for the first two years.

Are there any credit/mortgage facilities?
Vitan Residence is financed by BCR, who provides special featured mortgages for our clients.